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The Product Operations Book - Coming This Fall!

Update: Melissa and I have been hard at work this summer finalizing our book, Product Operations. You can expect super-actionable tips and case studies from companies like Uber, Stripe, athenahealth, Amplitude, and more. Go to to be notified of the launch and pre-orders! More about the book: From noted product executive and product consultant, Denise Tilles and best-selling author of Escaping the Build Trap, Melissa Perri, Product Operations is the must-read guide product leaders have been missing. Learn how to define winning product strategies using the right metrics, implement structures and processes to scale well, and measure the success of those actions.

This book will teach you the three core tenets of Product Operations:

  1. How to gather internal data to inform and define product strategy and then measure its success

  2. How to implement infrastructure to scale feedback from customers and the market

  3. How to create and scale product practices and cadences to streamline the organization

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