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With over a decade of product leadership experience, I work with growth stage and enterprise organizations to transform opportunity into a crisp product vision and strategy. My expertise includes Product Strategy, Org Design and Product Operations in enterprise and SaaS businesses, pricing/packaging, org design, and P&L management.

As an independent consultant and with product consultancy Produx Labs, I've had the good fortune to work with B2B + B2C clients in SaaS, life sciences, healthcare, fintech, real estate, nonprofit, philanthropy, and media verticals.

On the operating side, I've built and led product teams at Cision, Conde Nast, and 

I am currently co-authoring the book, Product Operations, with noted product expert Melissa Perri, to be published in 2023. 

As a mentor at Built by Girls, I support young women to explore tech career possibilities and build their first professional network.

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